Welcome to Caliber Car Audio-Visual
Today's car drivers are simply looking beyond comfort, acceleration and safety, they are new breed that demand for car audio systems that can satisfy their acoustics appetite.
If music in your car counts more than an additional instrument; if the richness of tone from a full orchestra counts more than impressive acceleration, then you don't have to go at great lengths to own a system that you truly desire. You have turned to the right product - CALIBER. With state-of-the-art technology, Caliber car audio systems are created specially for your auditory pleasure.
To many, a good sound system can only be achieved through expensive products. This need not be so anymore. you ask yourself how this is possible. Caliber has the answer! Caliber has achieved a breakthrough in its superior design and production that can offer you both: inexpensive products and yet sound good with performance that would rival many others. The Caliber sound systems enable you to strike the right balance, a superb sound performance at an affordable price.
The Caliber sound systems encompasses the entire spectrum of car audio products from CD/Cassette receivers and amplifiers to separates, crossovers, and from tweeters to subwoofers at prices affordable to everyone without sacrificing quality, reliability, and performance.
So, what are you waiting for....go to the nearest dealer and ask for CALIBER sound systems. It's time you'd experience the ultimate CALIBER sound !